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The Adventures Of Laura Ingalls And Her Family Continue As They Leave Their Little House On The Prairie And Travel In Their Covered Wagon To Minnesota They Settle Into A House Made Of Sod On The Banks Of Beautiful Plum Creek Soon Pa Builds Them A Sturdier House, With Real Glass Windows And A Hinged Door Laura And Mary Go To School, Help With The Chores Around The House, And Fish In The Creek Pa S Fiddle Lulls Them All To Sleep At The End Of The Day But Then Disaster Strikes On Top Of A Terrible Blizzard, A Grasshopper Infestation Devours Their Wheat Crop Now The Family Must Work Harder Than Ever To Overcome These Challenges The Adventures Of Laura Ingalls And Her Family Continue As They Leave Their Little House On The Prairie And Travel In Their Covered Wagon To Minnesota They Settle Into A House Made Of Sod On The Banks Of Beautiful Plum Creek Soon Pa Builds Them A Sturdier House, With Real Glass Windows And A Hinged Door Laura And Mary Go To School, Help With The Chores Around The House, And Fish In The Creek Pa S Fiddle Lulls Them All To Sleep At The End Of The Day But Then Disaster Strikes On Top Of A Terrible Blizzard, A Grasshopper Infestation Devours Their Wheat Crop Now The Family Must Work Harder Than Ever To Overcome These Challenges

  • Paperback
  • 358 pages
  • On the Banks of Plum Creek
  • Laura Ingalls Wilder
  • English
  • 09 April 2017
  • 9780060885403

About the Author: Laura Ingalls Wilder

Ingalls wrote a series of historical fiction books for children based on her childhood growing up in a pioneer family She also wrote a regular newspaper column and kept a diary as an adult moving from South Dakota to Missouri, the latter of which has been published as a book.

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    Good grief, as an adult and as a parent, have I grown too practical to read and completely enjoy these books When Ma and Pa packed up the kiddos and left the Big Woods because there were too many people, less land and game to go around, I thought a little bit to myself, UmPa, did we think through this completely Are you sure Are we safe But Pa is supposed to be an example of Great American Spirit So, fine, we let this happen There were some bumps in the road, but oh boy, we have some major battles for survival in Plum Creek To the point where I wanted to grab Pa and yell, Do you see What can happen With little research and no family to rely on, this new way of life you re trying out, riding high on the hog after that wheat crop comes through, can do to you Because there s no wheat, Pa Only grasshoppers Listen to those freakin Norwegians, will you Grasshopper weather isn t just some cutesy foreign term for, Gee, it s warm, it means that zillions of grasshoppers are going to take over the world And by the way, Caroline, Pa doesn t always know what s best, so seriously do not let him leave when it might blizzard Because then he might get caught in it And be outside for FOUR DAYS with nothing to eat but the children s Christmas candy All that yelling aside, this is the reason not Tolkien that I want to live in a hill With a charming creek outside And I could skip around with my cow and my faithful dog Jack and not my stick in the mud sister Mary and hope my crazy, adventure loving parents don t kill us all Sorry, I m yelling again.Moments I loved Christmas Again It just warms my heart when they have these sweet, simple holidays but are just so truly happy to be together and alive, cough, Charles They go to church for one Christmas, and see an actual Christmas tree, and Laura gets a fur cape and muff that blows away Nellie Oleson s Ma keeping the family together and strong while Charles is gone, making money to make up for their lost wheat, or when blizzards come through and he s missing Oh, Ma, you re so tough And Pa, when he says to Laura, We must do the best we can, Laura, and not grumble What must be done is best done cheerfully Word, Pa The next time somebody s bitchin at me, I m going to preach some Little House to them.

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    It s easy to get so stuck on the subject matter of the stories Wilder tells that we fail to notice her brilliant, deceptively quiet writing Her descriptions of scenery are gorgeous, of course but I love the tiny sentences that tell so much, like this one when eight year old Mary and seven year old Laura are confronted by a wild herd of cattle Mary was too scared to move Laura was too scared to stand still.Or similarly simple descriptions of the girls waiting for their mother to come home The house was empty and still, with Ma gone Ma was so quiet and gentle that she never made any noise, but now the whole house was listening for her.Wilder understood that the impersonal forces of nature are far frightening than any imagined monsters, because nature doesn t care and so it can t be pleaded with or placated When it destroys life, it s not being cruel or even indifferent It simply is. As Laura learns when she thinks she can play safely in the creek after a strong rain The coldness soaked into her This was not like wolves or cattle The creek was not alive It was only strong and terrible and never stopping It would pull her down and whirl her away, rolling and tossing her like a willow branch It would not care.Later, safe at home, Laura reflects The creek would go down It would be a gentle, pleasant place to play in again But nobody could make it do that Nobody could make it do anything Laura knew now that there were things stronger than anybody But the creek had not got her It had not made her scream and it could not make her cry.I hate it when people think that writing for children is limiting and limited Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote for the entire world, or at least those members of the world who enjoy being captured and held willing prisoner by a story She just happened to remember that children are an integral part of that group.

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    This place should be called Hell Hole , not Plum Creek Grasshoppers and blizzards Another crappy decision by Pa.

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    The Ingalls Family versus the WorldLaura and her family drove their covered wagon all the way to Minnesota to begin life anew.Their new house Built into a bank, with mud walls and a grass roof A dugout Ma is not pleased especially when a cow manages to go through the roof but the girls found little ways to be delighted There s a little creek full of fish and crayfish There s school full of new people and learning And there s family all together and happy.Except, the crops are ruined And will stay ruined Winter is right around the corner and they hardly have anything to eat Ma, Pa and the girls need money so they can survive And so, Pa does what he thinks is best and walks 300 miles to find work Will he be home in time for Christmas Will he come home at all As always, the book is beautifully written and stunningly heartfelt Audiobook CommentsRead by Cherry Jones and accompanied by Paul Woodiel on the fiddle Love this audio series SO freaking much.Blog Instagram Twitter

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    I was visiting relatives in Minnesota recently and was hit with a wave of nostalgia when I saw a sign for the Laura Ingalls Wilder museum in Walnut Grove Somewhere in my mother s photo collection there is a picture of 8 year old me, crouching by the grassy mound that was once the dugout home of Laura Ingalls and her family in the 1870s Laura s stories from that period are told in the book, On the Banks of Plum Creek Coincidentally, Laura was also about 8 in the book.I loved the Little House books when I was a kid, and last summer I reread the first three in the series If you were a fan of the TV show Little House on the Prairie, several of the town characters are first introduced in the Plum Creek book, including mean Nellie Oleson Nellie in the book is just as awful as she was on the TV show she is always sneering at little Laura and making fun of her country ways What a brat These stories have held up well over time and are still excellent children s books, with one caveat about the blatant racism toward Indians in book 2, the one named Little House on the Prairie In that book, the family had moved to Kansas and knowingly settled in what was still Indian Territory a foolish move, but there s no point arguing about it nearly 150 years later After some tense situations with local tribes, the family leaves Kansas and heads back to Minnesota, where the story picks up in Plum Creek First the family lives in a dugout home, and then Pa builds a sturdy wooden house Thankfully there were no racist comments in Plum Creek, just some good stories about homesteading in Minnesota, including a grasshopper plague that ruined the Ingalls crops for several years, some intense and scary blizzards, and a prairie fire Man, pioneering was rough Like the other Ingalls books, there are also some charming stories of happy Christmases, helpful neighbors, and their loyal dog, Jack I enjoyed Plum Creek so much that I plan to continue rereading the series And the next time I m in Minnesota, I m going to stop by that museum.

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    Decided to re read this preparatory to visiting Walnut Grove When I was 7 or 8 this was my favorite of the series and all I remembered about it was the creek and the school and Laura s rivalry with Nellie Oleson Which is quite remarkable because that is only a couple of chapters, and the rest of the book the BULK of the book is the battle against poverty, drought, and mainly, GRASSHOPPERS The descriptions of the grasshopper swarms are absolutely CHILLING I literally had goosebumps every time they turned up, for pages upon pages No offense, Andrew Smith, but I found these three trillion an actual estimate grasshoppers, in a swarm 1800 miles long and 110 miles wide, about three trillion times creepier and horrific than the maneaters in Grasshopper Jungle, which made me go ha and ew a lot but didn t give me CHILLS Truth is, actually, a LOT stranger than fiction.As phenomenal as the story of the swarm is, what s even chilling is that 25 years later the Rocky Mountain Locust was extinct The last one was spotted in Canada in 1902 Scientists are still baffled as to what actually killed them Probably it was us, changing the land More here

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    This series was a staple of my childhood It was a pure delight revisiting Plum Creek for a reading challenge this spring 2018 Truly, I now want to revisit each book in the series, from beginning to end Such grand adventures Laura had I hope my future children if God so blesses me will adore this book and the rest as much as I.I was not compensated for my honest review.

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    I m still completely engrossed in this series For the first time in Laura s story not including Farmer Boy since it revolved around Almanzo instead , the show begins to deviate from the books that inspired them Some of the characters in the book, while still present, differed greatly from their counterparts I have come to know through the show There was one change I m incredibly glad that the show made, and that was the substitution of hail for the plague of grasshoppers that hits the Ingalls farm in the book Those grasshoppers were disturbing and stomach turning to read about, and I m incredibly grateful that I didn t have to see them on the show However, that plague was morbidly interested to read about, and I couldn t put the book down because I needed to know what happened and how the family bounced back While I ve enjoyed reading about Laura s life, I m becoming and thankful with every book read that I don t live during the pioneer age Their lives were insanely rough, and there was never an end to the hard work required to just continue squeaking by I ll take air conditioning and supermarkets over prairie life any day

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    Listened with the family to the great Cherry Jones read this on cd and it is really again so surprisingly good Listening in the car from Davenport, Iowa back to Chicago to finish it, I can t recall stretches of road gulp What I recall is Pa telling his story of snow blindness and falling into a ditch in a blizzard and sleeping in a bearskin coat for a couple days under six feet of snow and then, when the storm clears, seeing he was very close to his Plum Banks home and trudging in Makes RV camping as a way of engaging with the wilderness look a little tame, let s say.Some great and memorable scenes the leeches dance, the terrifying swarm of grasshoppers, the incredibly intense blizzard, followed by one of those sweet Wilder Christmases with almost nothing to share but oyster stew and no presents but Pa s guitar music and his blizzard survival story This is great autobiographical fiction, memoir, really, and a history of 1870 s plains life for one white family, a family facing nature as frightening as any Chthulu monster with some grace and music and game playing and storytelling A sweet, lyrical and evocative tale worth the name of classic A great family story for a family to read or listen to I am serious

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    Once again, I enjoyed seeing this historical era through the eyes of someone who lived it Who knew a square broom as opposed to a circular one would be seen as a luxury to get excited about And I hadn t thought about tumbleweeds catching on fire and threatening homes as they continued to roll as wheels of fire I ve heard of grasshopper clouds dimming the sun but to have it and the destruction the insects caused described was both frightening and fascinating And of course, in the midst of it all, the Ingalls family continued to learn, grow, and be their lovable selves So, I enjoyed this story and look forward to the next book Content Advisory No language or sexual content.Mary tells Laura she ll get brown as an Indian if she keeps running around without her bonnet on.Mention of many squished grasshoppers feeling slimy under bare feet.The process of cutting up a fish for dinner is described but without mention of blood.There is the threat of poverty, hunger, and even fire over the course of the book, but it never gets too intense and the Ingalls keep a positive, proactive attitude through it all.A little girl at school who does not play well with others yanks Laura to the ground by her braids when Laura suggets playing a game other than the one the little girl wants to play.This little girl is unkind in other ways as well including not letting Laura touch her favorite dolls and saying something disrespectful to Ma Laura sometimes gets so mad at this girl she wants to slap her, but doesn t because she was taught never to strike another person She does at one point however, get revenge by setting the girl up to get chased by a hermit crab.Laura disobeys Pa and Ma several times and experiences both natural consequences and fair punishment from her parents Once, she even comes close to drowning with no one around to save her She is, of course, okay, but upset after finally getting out of the situation To her credit, though, she does learn her lessons and doesn t do the wrong things again.