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The Stunning New Novel From One Of The UK S Finest Literary WritersThe Far North Of England, One Hundred Years In The Future, The Gulf Stream Has Ceased Quinn Has Been Appointed By The Government To Conduct An Audit On A Remote Area Of Land Designated For A Brand New Model Town As Quinn Arrives To Greet The Local Developer, The Surveillance Cameras Spin Into Overdrive, And Soon He Is Immersed In A Quagmire Of Corruption That Will Put His Integrity To The Ultimate TestHe Meets Owen, A Suicidal Farmer Whose Every Last Pig, Chicken, And Sheep Has Been Culled And Winston, A Former Journalist And Alcoholic With A Gallery Of Incriminating Photos Of Rising Water Below The Site And Pollard, The Local Man Of God Whose Faith Is For Sale But It Is Anna, Quinn S Some Time Girlfriend In Charge Of Digging, Filling And Capping The Dead Cattle Pits, Who Faces The Deepest Abyss Of All And As The Heavens Open Once Again, The Mountains Of Toxic Soil That Surround The Site Slowly Begin To ShiftAn All Too Plausible Orwellian Vision That Depicts What Is Likely To Unfurl If Climate Changes Move Implacably On, Robert Edric S Latest Novel Is A Devastating Portrait Of Man S Ever Quickening Descent Into A Self Inflicted Hell It Is Edric S Finest Novel Yet

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    Robert Edric has a slightly strange writing style that is sparse but at the same time the reader seems to get huge amounts of detail The result is that this book grips from start to finish.Set not too far in the future, the landscape of Britain has changed as a result of climate and outbreaks of disease in farm animals The land is grey and wet and bare of animals Quinn, an auditor, has to carry out an audit of a northern town that is planning radical expansion The reader is not sure what his remits actually are as he seems to be able to investigate or less as he likes As he goes on the corruption at all levels becomes clearer and clearer.Utterly believable with a strong element of black humour running throughout this book is a real gem A definite 9 out of 10.

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    The book has some merit in that it is well written with interesting characters but the story take us nowhere interesting It is set in the future when Britain is largely beset by floods and bad weather due to climate change issues It starts well with a central officer auditor arrives in bad weather into what is to be a new town He meets the city fathers and some disgruntled locals but nothing of significance happens to take the story anywhere interesting This is my first Robert Edric novel and I will certainly try another but cannot recommend this one.

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    Set in the not too distant future when climate change has severely impacted the climate, sea levels and lifestyles of people in the United Kingdom and all over the world , this is the story of a normal man severely restricted by bureaucracy, trying to figure out how to be a good person and still keep his job At least, that s what I think it s about It was tremendously dark and depressing and I struggled with this, as there were no high points in the story at all I liked Quinn, and strongly hoped for him to find a way to help the people of the town and find his own happiness I related to the difficulties of balancing moral and real life obligations It reminded me in many ways of The Investigation by Philippe Claudel.

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    It was OK, maybe I should read of the blurb on the back of the book next time I was expecting a dystopian story but instead I got something which was about the characters psychological interplay and their own foibles in a bleak and corrupt world Edric its very good at setting the scene and drawing you into the story and you expect something to happen but really it doesn t It felt like an anti climax at the end of it, life just carries on fairly pointlessly with certain disaster looming If you enjoy books about the human character which just happens to be set in a future after an environmental catastrophe then you might enjoy this but it was not for me.

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    In a future Britain transformed by climatic change, an auditor travels north to examine the development of a new town, and finds corruption that threatens the lives of the town s residents.I reviewed Salvage for the Strange Horizons website, so please allow me to direct you over there to my full review.

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    A moody gloomy book Had to laugh at another review saying it was too dry for her tastes Hardly, the UK seems to be drowning under constant rain But never mind bureaucracy is alive and well and spin doctors are spreading glad tidings Written a few years ago before this year s flooding the novel is prescient but I just kept hoping, in vain, that something was going to happen

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    Estamos en el norte de Inglaterra a mediados del siglo XXI Los peores presagios se han cumplido el cambio clim tico ha modificado las l neas de costa, las inundaciones son constantes y las plagas han acabado con todos los animales El gobierno, al estilo de Orwell, intenta camuflar la realidad.

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    Curiously unemotional and detached Tellingly, everyone even the main protagonist is known only by their surname, except the females Anna and Rebecca Not entirely sure what the town s corrupt main men were actually up to All a bit meh really.

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    a very believable future, bleak but very human and very possible.

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    Found it quite pointless, was not a great or good read