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Still good With a surprisingly non creepy clown okay just a little scary at first Slightly dated in language but not bad And a good heartfelt message and story. Celebrity Death Match Special The Little Engine That Could versus Neural Networks and Deep Learning Oh, please help me begged the family filter I m being trained, you see, but I m stuck in this local minimum If I can t get out by tomorrow morning, I ll be put into production anyway and all the boys and girls will be exposed to potentially unsuitable content Yes, Microsoft s quality control really is that slipshod Doesn t sound too serious, mused the Naive Bayesian Classifier A bit of unsuitable content might do them some good And he went on his way How about you, good sir asked the family filter with increasing desperation You look like a powerful optimization methodology Maybe you can get me out of this unfortunate local minimum I m hot, baby, hot boasted the Simulated Annealing Algorithm Feel my temperature Yes, I can pick you up and get you over that mountain range and the next three as well You ll be someplace different alright, though I m not quite sure where Wanna roll the dice No, no sobbed the family filter I just want to safely lower my error rate Leave me alone The family filter had almost given up when the Little Neural Net came along Here, dry your eyes, he said kindly You ll get your coefficients damp Now let me just give you some of my Nesterov momentum He coupled his parameters to the family filter s and they steamed off together The gradient s awfully steep, murmured the family filter nervously Are you quite sure we should be going this way Adagrad Adagrad Adagrad puffed the Little Neural Net We re nearly there And before she knew what had happened, they were over the ridge and coasting down to a minimum so low she could hardly believe it I don t know how to thank you she stammered as they pulled up How did you do that You re just unreasonably effective It s all part of the service ma am, said the Little Neural Net gravely And tipping his hat, he left to revolutionize yet another area of software engineering.No winner declared due to arrival of Singularity My son loves this book L O V E S it The board book had been his go to read this to me 4 times in a row book as a baby and now as a 19 month old toddler, he s discovered this edition and insists on it every night before bed And yes, it s a classic beloved by generations But I m still only giving it one star If I have to read this damn thing multiple times a day, I damn well reserve the right to judge it with all my might.Firstly, it s tedious There s no need to list everything on the cargo manifest The first third of the book is just a running tab on what s going over the mountain, and does nothing to advance the plot We are led to assume the little blue engine will be a main character, but we don t see her until the book is almost over The real protagonist seems to be the funniest toy clown you ever saw, which is actually not funny at all, but terrifying If I wanted clowns, I d read IT.Secondly, why do only the good little boys and girls get toys and food Don t the bad kids at least deserve a toy clown and some spinach Surely their behavior could be a result to bad conditions at home and SOMEONE has to reach out to them and let them know they re worthy of the bare necessities But in this world of sentient trains, we know that compassion is in short supply.Thirdly, all the trains but the little blue one are dicks The lesson of this book isn t perseverance, it s that 3 4 of people you meet will leave you to die on the side of the road An important lesson, sure, but I think I d rather wait until at least kindergarten before I start teaching my son that.Fourthly, what happens to the red engine that broke down at the beginning of the book Do they just leave it there As we already know, no one else is going to help it get home.Perhaps the most bothersome part of this edition is the terrible layout formatting There s no effort to keep whole sentences together on a page As a parent reading this, that means I don t know what s coming or how to inflect certain words or phrases because I can t see how it ends If I wasn t 90% on the way of having this memorized, this could really negatively impact the storytelling experience for my child.I much preferred the board book version to the original It neatly compressed all relevant information into a coherent, pleasurable read that you could also chew on To get through this edition, because I must, because I love my son and would never hide the book behind a radiator in someone else s house like I very much would like to do I employ several ridiculous, over the top voices and attitudes, and adjust my reading speed to twice that of my normal one I advise any parent in a similar situation to do the same. Found this book in a second hand store I have heard the term so oftendecided to buy it Great lesson for children and adults alike. I rated this book a 5 because it is a classic book with such a great message to children Both little boys and girls can enjoy this book and appreciate the message in it This story is about a train carrying goods for children but it breaks down and is unable to get the goods to the children The train asks several trains that pass by for help, but they all decline for various reasons Eventually a little engine helps although she thinks she is not strong enough to pull the train over the mountain because she has never done anything like this before She chants I think I can, I think I can, and she succeeds The message in this book is priceless and timeless Children always need to hear they are able to succeed, no matter how unlikely it may be Too often children are told what they cannot do, rather than be told they can succeed if they just continue to try I will definitely read this book in my classroom It would be great for a Pre K to grade one class. This is just a classic story for children, introducing themes of perseverance in the face of difficulty I think I can, I think I can sounding like a train chugging along vs I cannot, I cannot as the train slows down A timeless piece. Now I have a bit of a confession to make I actually was introduced to this classic children s story through an animated special that premiered on TV way back in the early 1990s and I have only just recently decided to pick up the book that the animated special was based off of The Little Engine that Could by Watty Piper along with artwork by George and Doris Hauman is truly a cute classic that children will read for years to come The story starts off with a little train carrying good things for the little boys and girls on the other side of the mountain such as teddy bears, dolls, books for the children to play with The little train also carried good food for the children to eat such as apples, oranges, milk and peppermint drops Just as the little train was heading towards the mountains with all of these good things for the little boys and girls, it suddenly stopped on the train tracks and it could not budge The toys then began to lament this predicament and they tried to receive help from various trains that stopped by Unfortunately, none of the trains wanted anything to do with taking the toys to the other side of the mountain and they just left the toys on the side of the tracks Finally, a little blue engine came along and Will the little blue engine help the toys get to their destination and will the toys make it over the mountain in time to give the little girls and boys their gifts Read this book to find outWatty Piper which is actually a pseudonym for the Platt Munk Publishing House had done an excellent job at writing this cute little story as it details the importance of perseverance through the actions of the little blue engine as she tries to get the toys to their destination despite being so small I like the fact that this story teaches children about the importance of never giving up in the face of a difficult situation and that they just need to do the best they can when they are dealing with situations that might be impossible for them I also like the idea about the story being mainly about the toys and the train trying to get to the other side of the mountain to deliver toys and food to the little boys and girls since it reminds me a bit of how Santa Claus usually has to deliver toys and goodies to many children of the world, except in this case, this story does not take place during Christmas George and Doris Hauman s artwork is truly adorable to look at as all the toys are so cute to look at and I especially loved the image of the little engine herself as she is colored in blue, which is quite a unique color for a train, and she constantly has a smile on her face that makes me root for her.The reason why I gave this book a four star rating is because I felt that the pacing for this story was a bit slow and I wished that they trimmed off a bit of the toys conversations with the trains in order to get to the main point of the story.Overall, The Little Engine that Could is a cute story about the importance of perseverance in the face of hardship that children will easily relate to I would recommend this book to children ages three and up since there is nothing inappropriate in this book.Review is also on Rabbit Ears Book Blog My momma read me this book when i was but a babe ever since i have been telling myself that no matter what life throws at me, i can overcome it, just like the little steam engine From the time i was in diapers, a wee little lad, I have lived by the motto I think I can, I think I can and thus far I have overcome insurmountable hills and mountains in my life just like the little engine I encourage all to read this book, but especialy those that face great trials and tribulations in life We can learn much from the little steam engine. The Story Of A Train Filled With Toys And Gifts For Little Boys And Girls That Breaks Down Before Reaching The Children After Asking Several Passing Trains For Help Over The Hill, A Little Blue Train Agrees To Help The Stranded Toys Even Though She Is Small, The Blue Train Tries Her Best To Bring The Toys To The Children On The Other Side Of The Hill this book brought me to tearsTHIS DESERVES A MEDAL