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School Leaver Skye Plays Guitar In The All Female Chronic Cramps Band Being Accepted In The Punk Indie Scene Is Easier Than FTM Female To Male Transitioning From Skye To Finn, From Girl To Man Uncovering Genetic Mysteries About Family Heritage Tear The Family Apart Trans Gender Identity Is Than Injections And Surgery, It S About Acceptance Going Public, Finn Sings Ftm Lyrics On TV With A Little Help From Bemused Mates And Family Who Don T Want To Lose A Daughter, But Who Love Their Teenager, Finn Is Transitioning Compassionate, Candid And Funny Coming Of Age Via Punk Music And Family History Genetic Clues Accessible Facts In Story Format On A Little Understood Medical Situation FTM Means Female To Male MTF Means Male To Female International First Female To Male Gender Transition YA Fiction Co Written By An Ftm Author NOT Autobiographical, But Co Writer Ryan Has Experienced The Medical Sequence Of Gender Reassignment From Female To Male, Which Is Less Common Than MTF Insight Into Genetic Inheritances Song Lyrics Inserts Formatting Of E Mail Chat Group Advice Etc Hazel Has KnownYear Old Ryan Since He Was Presenting As AnYear Old Girl This Is Ryan S First Book And Hazel S Th

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    Oy, it took me such a long time to write a review for this book It was a pretty painful read because it was so dull, and I didn t want to pick it up again to write my review Still, I m glad a transitioning story exists at my public library, and I think a lot of the trials Finn faces in the book are accurate.A lot of stuff in the book isn t realistic, though, particularly the amount of time Finn takes to go through all of the steps of transitioning In the beginning, he s like, I m a dude I m not going to get into why I am completely 100% sure about being a dude and taking hormones and getting surgery done, but even though I am zero engaged with any trans issues and know absolutely nothing about transitioning I think I ll undergo irreversible body changes by the end of next month He goes through the process as quickly as a 7 year old goes through a connect the dots page in an activity book, and transforms from closeted life as a girl to public life as a flat chested, deep voiced guy in a matter of months, an unattainable feat for trans people in the real world due to psychiatric requirements the book fails to mention Also, how lucky that Finn has magically saved money he never knew about Good thing his older brother also seems to have never known about his own share of magically saved money and is super invested in Finn getting a mastectomy Easy peasy, trans folks I don t know why you campaign so hard to get this stuff covered by your healthcare providers Also, while not all transitioning stories have to get into politics and personal reasons for transitioning, I was kind of scared for Finn because he didn t seem to have done any research or even taken his counseling seriously lest it get in the way of him achieving maleness I thought that when he met a trans guy who wasn t into changing his body he would at least elaborate on why that option wasn t for him, but instead he just villified the other trans guy and wrote him off as a know it all Also, even if you re not going to get into the gender politics of transitioning, it s still problematic when Finn s brother tells him he would feel comfortable with Finn once he had chest surgery because then they could be bros instead of Finn being some girl he couldn t talk to because boobs and stuff WTF Read my librarianish review at

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    I picked up this book a few weeks ago to read as she s attending a festival I m helping run and doing a talk on this book and I m glad I did It s a simple and easy read but completely fascinating It did go quickly BUT it is aimed for young readers so that is understandable in many ways Despite that it hits the important issues that are relative to this topic.

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    This is a fantastic, groundbreaking novel I think the fact that one of the writers is trans himself adds to the authenticity of the novel and the issue of gender transitioning was dealt with honestly Hopefully this is a novel that will both entertain and educate teenaged readers.The elements of Skye Finn s life in the novel outside of his gender transition the punk music, zines, blogs all added greatly to the novel His situation in the novel having finished school but not yet employed or studying further is not one often seen in YA novels, but one that reflects the lives of a lot of older teenagers It s an in between life stage, which also reflects Skye Finn s in between gender issues.I think teenagers will be able to relate to Skye Finn in that everyone feels to some degree unhappy with their appearance and different on the inside to the way they appear physically Skye Finn s dilemma is just a bit extreme than being unhappy with your weight or hair colour.I felt that we didn t get a strong enough sense of the other characters in Skye Finn s life I think because we were so much in his head, we never really got to know the other characters enough I would have liked to find out about Skye Finn s friends, as well as finding out about the really big events in Skye Finn s transition it would have been great for those elements to be developed slightly further.I strongly recommend this book to people who love GLBT fiction, and teenaged and older readers looking for an enlightening, funny, fast and original read.

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    OMG, Hazel Edwards is the author of There s a Hippopotamus on my roof eating cake That s an absolute classic

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    Eighteen year old Skye is a member of an all girl punk rock band Skye has never felt like a girl Inside, s he is Finn, a boy Making the decision to let Finn be outside as well as in involves a lot of work How do you tell your family and friends and the members of your feminist rock band that you re going to undergo female to male treatment and surgery Fortunately, there s a family precedent great uncle Albert or is that great aunt Alberta Skye Finn could easily be a victim, but refuses It isn t going to be easy for anyone, but s he decides, finally, that family, friends and rock band will just have to live with it And they do.The book goes into enormous detail about the procedures involved in what is known as FTM It s a lot less common than the other way around male to female although it has been in the news in the last couple of years, when a man who had kept his female equipment had a baby because his wife couldn t I knew a female to male myself Unlike Skye, Jan became David in her his forties Nobody, but nobody dared to call Jan a woman, even when she was And David s family and friends accepted it as Finn s family do in the novel At his funeral, the nephews and nieces referred to Uncle David , even when he was no longer there to get upset.The novel also explores the punk rock sub culture, which is interesting in its own right.Ford Street Publishing has become known for taking on controversial subjects It probably needs an author as well known and respected as Hazel Edwards to get away with this one Ryan Kennedy, her co author, is himself an FTM, so knows what he is talking about.Perhaps an afterword with a URL or organization, if any, within Australia might have helped, so that those to whom the book applies don t have to do all the web searches that Skye Finn did in the course of the novel.It s well written and answers a lot of questions There are some likable characters in it and some nice touches of humour There s even the whimsical presentation of a couple who are a female to male and a male to female Who are, incidentally, managing just fine Finn doesn t like the FTM, Rodney, but hey, he doesn t have to.It will certainly appeal to those teenagers who are asking themselves questions about their own gender identities.Whether or not it will have appeal for ordinary teenagers I am not sure I suspect they will be uncomfortable with it, though this doesn t mean it shouldn t be out there Will kids who say, That is so gay about anything negative get enthused about characters who are not actually gay but have gender issues I won t know until I have put this in my library and seen how the students react Watch this space.SUE BURSZTYNSKI

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    f2m The Boy Within is a sensitive, compelling fictional account of an 18 year old female to male transgender teenager and the emotional, social and physical challenges he faces in confronting transition The writing style, which is extremely engaging, makes you inclined to keep reading once you start I was especially impressed by the way it balances both the inner dialogue and lingo of turbulent late adolescence What I liked best about the novel was the authors skill in portraying the subject as a multifaceted human being a talented poet, composer and musician with clear political ideals and a distinct identity that is totally separate from social expectations that he identify with a specific gender role In fact, it s almost as if he s caught in a time warp he feels the normal drive of a late adolescent to pursue creative and career goals yet owing to social stigma, he is unable to fully engage in either until he can physically conform to his self identified gender The main character is also quite unique in the closeness he feels towards his family and his extreme conscientiousness regarding family responsibilities.I can see how this could be a very comforting guide for both teenagers and adults confronting a variety of gender identity issues as well as their families The authors cover all the bases involved in early transition working through both positive and negative reactions of friends, family and employers dealing with stigma and bullying finding on line and real life support from other FTMs making appropriate use of counselling the medical and psychiatric assessments required to start hormone replacement and to get a surgery referral and the physical and emotional side effects of starting hormones Most important of all, however, is the emphasis that there isn t just one acceptable way to transition from female to male That the process involves a number of choice points, which is one reason why counseling is so helpful Some FTMs opt not to take hormones Some opt for breast removal surgery only and forgo genital reconstruction.I sense the realistic, multifaceted characters as well as the dramatic tension leading to the subject s decision to come out to various family members and their individual struggles to accept his decision will also be quite appealing to mainstream readers As a well told story exploring one particular dimension of the human condition.

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    Ford Street Publishing is certainly not tying itself down to just one genre for its YA readers There s been Foz Meadows Solace and Grief vampires , George Ivanoff s Gamer s Quest fantasy SF gaming and now f2m The Boy Within a transgender coming of age story.f2m is the first person story of Finn born Skye who decides, on his 18th birthday, to finally take steps to becoming the male he knows he is, inside the female form he was born with It s not going to be easy, though What will his family think And what about the punk band for which he plays lead guitar, the Chronic Cramps Will his oldest friends see this as a betrayal of their feminist principles from their female friend Skye, or will they learn to embrace Finn in their formerly all girl band There s a lot to learn in this book about being transgendered, the choices that can be made, and the challenges transgendered people and their families can be faced with It would be a great book for anyone going through those changes, or their family and friends, because it offers so much insight.However, it would be a dull book if it was only some treatise in educating the public about transgender issues Instead, it s is about being true to who you really are, even when that s really hard and even if you re not entirely sure who that is yet It s also about friendship, family secrets, unconditional love, courage and compassion Those are themes that any person can relate to regardless of age, gender, sexuality or preferred brand of music It s a great, easy read too I gobbled it up in less than two days While the book is not autobiographical, co author Hazel Edwards has known Ryan Kennedy for over 20 years since Ryan was an 11 year old girl.Find out about f2m, including how to buy it at Hazel Edwards website.

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    Wow, I loved this book It s so fantastic to see a book dealing with transgender issues, and, to a certain extent, gay lesbian issues This is what Luna by Julie Anne Peters could have been like, except for two obvious differences f2m The Boy Within is set in Australia, and Finn Skye is FTM Now, some things come a bit easily for Finn There appears to be a genetic issue, although I m somewhat uncomfortable with it His Great Uncle Albert was born Alberta, and was an intersex child Albert a always felt uncomfortable as a a girl, and transitioned later in life However, Finn doesn t appear to be intersex Although I understand what the authors were attempting to do, it just didn t sit right with me It felt like they were implying that transsexuals are intersex I also felt things were a bit too easy for Finn The surgery and testosterone injections seemed to come about very fast I can t help but think that given Finn had only been living as a man for a few weeks or a couple of months at most , they wouldn t go straight for chest surgery Testosterone, yeah, okay, maybe, but chopping off his breasts Hmm, kind of touches me as being a bit fast.But I loved the tone of the book It was warm, a touch funny, and Finn was very agreeable The characters were somewhat one sided, but it didn t draw away from the book I m glad there s a book that deals with transsexual issues on the market for teens.

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    Oh dear On the one hand, I appreciated the subject matter of this novel trans youth are often ignored in the face of other queer issues, and the stories most heard are of those who began to transition later in life So I was glad this existed.On the other hand, it s quite poorly written There s enough there to keep you going, which is why this novel is getting three stars and not two, but the style is appalling It begins an idea only to drop it or segue badly into something else And it doesn t hit close enough to reality, with the strong emotional, mental and physical struggles a trans person faces, to be considered an accurate portrait of a trans person Of course, that is my opinion Others may feel differently about that But I can say that the mystery of great uncle Al was not played out well, going from mystery to vague explanation without enough of a connection of the main character, Finn, to him Finn also seems to leap over hurdles without a hitch I would have liked to see conflict Even the disapproval of his mother seemed distant and vague I think the issue in this book is the lack of confrontation The conflicts are present, but never resolved through some kind of confrontation or important conversation they seem to just work themselves out I m glad this book exists, because it sets a precedent, but I hope the ones that follow are better.

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    f2m turned out to be fantastic follow up reading for Delusions of Gender.Written in first person, this book seems like a memoir or autobiography than anything else Although it was off to a bit of a rough start, with patchy chapters and scenes that both started and finished a little bit too abruptly, the story found its voice and went really smoothly from there I really got to like the character of Skye, who became Finn The story within the story of Finn s great uncle Al was incredibly interesting, especially given that it gave us insight into the reactions of a family towards an intersex young man from two generations ago, but it was also incredibly relevant to the present story The parents struggles were real and authentic, without either one of them coming across as a bad guy or antagonist This was just another way in which the story read as an autobiography instead of a structured narrative The most interesting part of the book, for me, was that it was set after the age of eighteen for the main character Finn isn t at school, though he does live with his parents He has a part time job as a dish hand in a Chinese restaurant As the genre is littered with teens going through transitions and various other LGBT issues, this really stood out.