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On A Bleak February Day In A Young American Poet Died By Her Own Hand, And Passed Into A Myth That Has Since Imprinted Itself On The Hearts And Minds Of Millions She Was And Is Sylvia Plath And Your Own, Sylvia Is A Portrait Of Her Life, Told In PoemsWith Photos And An Extensive List Of Facts And Sources To Round Out The Reading Experience, Your Own, Sylvia Is A Great Curriculum Companion To Plath S The Bell Jar And Ariel, A Welcoming Introduction For Newcomers, And An Unflinching Valentine For The Devoted

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    I don t feel like this book is deserving of Printz Honor To write about a poet s life in a form of a series of poems from POV s of people around Sylvia is an interesting exercise, but the final product itself is not satisfying Stephanie Hemphill is just not that great of a poet Her best poems in this book are those that are direct imitations of Plath s own works I caught myself wanting to read Sylvia s poetry rather than Hemphill s Other poems are written in free verse with no rhythm or rhyme and pretty much are the usual fare for reluctant readers with short attention spans rather than actual inspired poetry However Your Own, Sylvia is useful as an introduction to Sylvia Plath s life and work The first part of the book is powerful Reading it was like reading Madness A Bipolar Life, with all the mood swings, promiscuity, manic highs and depressing lows The second part of the story doesn t capture Sylvia s state of mind in similar way My favorite part of the book is when Sylvia s psychotherapist advises her to let loose, stop repressing her sexual urges and finally do the deed as a means of therapy Apparently, up to that point, Plath, in spite of dating multiple men simultaneously, never went all the way I never knew that having sex could cure mental disorders.Anyway, what I am getting at is that while reading the book I kept thinking that I d rather read Sylvia Plath actual biographies and poetry an not this portrait in verse.

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    This book is extraordinary I have limited shelf space and even when I love a book, it usually goes right out the door as a gift to someone else when I m done reading For example recently I adored THE HUNGER GAMES, gave it five stars here, raved about it but as I compare my reaction to that book with my reaction to this one, well, I happily gave HUNGER GAMES away upon completion, but YOUR OWN, SYLVIA, I will keep and reread And the book is also going to send me right back to Sylvia Plath s work and the biographies, and to Ted Hughes work, and even to the Gwyneth Paltrow movie Again Extraordinary.

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    So good So, so, so good I thought I would be at a disadvantage because shame on me BA English, MS Library Science all I knew about Sylvia Plath was that she wrote poetry, wrote something called The Bell Jar which I was fairly certain now confirmed was depressing, and that she killed herself This book, however, is a great introduction into the world of Sylvia Plath The author took true events from Sylvia s life and wrote fictionalized accounts of them in verse it makes sense when you see the book There are footnotes at the end of each poem shedding some insight on the incident described or adding a odd anecodte about Plath like she and her husband used a Ouija board to help them pick lotto numbers.This book is a must read for Plath virgins such as myself and as a companion to the seasoned Plath students.As an aside, I find it loathesome that Sylvia s literary estate was controlled by her sister in law a woman who hated Sylvia after Sylvia s death What is that all about And why did it take her estranged husband 4 days to claim her body

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    Being an avid reader of online discussions, articles, and interviews regarding feminism, I stumbled upon the name Sylvia Plath several times Because of this, I picked up The Bell Jar as I wanted to find out about this ever important authoress of the 20th century Unfortunately, I did not get far ahead into the book I hope to be able to read it next year When we were assigned to read a novel written in verse in my Independent Reading Class, I noticed Your Own, Sylvia A Verse Portrait of Sylvia Plath , a book in poems detailing Plath s life from birth until her descent into depression and her eventual untimely death I immediately picked it up as the name on the cover reminded me that I made it a challenge of mine to learn about Plath Perhaps it was foolish of me to think this way, but for almost the entire book I thought that the people close to Sylvia wrote poems about her, and the author s name on the book was just that of a woman who compiled the poems together As it turns out, this was obviously not the case Stephanie Hemphill did extensive research on Plath and was able to write various poems from different perspectives from her mother, to her neighbor, her therapist, and some of her boyfriends , all centering around Plath Stephanie Hemphill is definitely a talented poetess, and I find it absolutely astonishing how she was able to enter the minds of so many people who affected Sylvia, some of them who died decades ago Although I could never fully grasp what went on inside Sylvia Plath s mind, I think that this book makes for the perfect introduction into learning about her I now feel compelled than ever before to begin reading her own works.

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    Written in the style of Plath s most notable work, Hemphill creates a series of original poems influenced by and chronicling the Pulitzer prize winning poet s childhood until her untimely suicide in 1963 Thorough research as illustrated by the use of footnotes illuminates the various themes and issues which arose in Plath s poetry Hemphill avoids turning the work into a stale biography by using various individuals point of view those who were closest to Sylvia as the voice for half of the poems in the volume Similarly, each point of view has an associated, unique form of poetry with which to identify the point of view , from traditional rhyming couplets to abstract free verse, enabling this work for great use in the writing literature classroom.May be a difficult read for boys On the other hand, the use of footnotes provide such a clear and detailed account of Sylvia s life that it makes one want to go out and continue reading about Plath s life and work I know I went and brought The Bell Jar the following weekend As a young female, I found the writing in the style of Plath s voice to be comforting and relatable.

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    Whoo hoo Today it won a Printz Honor I just finished this last week, and if I had read this last year a few days ago at this point it would have definitely been on my 2007Favorites shelf It was hard to get ahold of in libraries, though, and my hold was just filled a few days ago Hopefully it ll win awards later this month and become widely available YES It did It s an extremely balanced and wonderfully researched look at Plath s tumultous life I had only read THE BELL JAR, and seen the movie SYLVIA, so I learned a lot about her life through Hemphill s poems I ve never read any of Plath s poetry, and this biography in poems has definitely convinced me that I need to read some of Plath s actual poetry I already picked up the 2 books of her poems that were available at the only close by library that s open on Sunday THE COLOSSUS and WINTER TREES , so Hemphill s thought that this book will be a stepping stone worked well for me.

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    The element of Your Own, Sylvia which I appreciated the most was its accessibility Each poem is contextualized with a date and narrator at the beginning and followed by an author s note explaining details of Plath s life relevant to the poem Particularly after reading Wintering, a prose novel about Sylvia Plath which relies on the reader to interpret complex allusions based on their previous knowledge of her life, it was refreshing to have the author guide me through this collection It also greatly enriched the experience, since Hemphill s research is thorough and insightful if you re interested in learning about Sylvia Plath but don t want to read a straight biography, I d definitely recommend checking out this book.Another highlight of this book is the poetry itself I often find that the poetry in verse novels reads like prose with line breaks, but Hemphill s use of imagery and form clearly reveals her background as a poet Although this book is not something I would normally read, I was very impressed overall.

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    Interesting and creative Not my favorite poems, but they still painted a picture about Sylvia Plath and I learned a bit about her.

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    I found nothing impressive in this collection I ll admit that I learned stuff about Sylvia Plath and her family, but those things I read in the lengthy footnotes which explain every little thing so that every ounce of ambiguity would be flushed down the toilet This isn t a poetry collection or even an insightful point of view it s an essay written by a die hard fan The poems themselves are dull, uncreative, and contrived They were all one style save for the poems that are imagining Sylvia Plath in the style of Plath s masterpieces The points of view are cliche and, again, utterly contrived What I learned from reading Hemphill poems I could have also learned from a biography Actually, I could have gained insightful information that way I can t remember why I picked this one up instead of a biography Must have been the short length that I found attractive And the undeserved Printz Honor label.Generally, Stephanie Hemphill is not a great poet Some of the poems I liked because they were OK compared to the rest, a couple I really liked as poems alone however, overall I can see that her point of view interpretations don t go far below the surface They aren t strictly shallow, but boy are they shallow compared to every other award winning poet out there Throughout this collection I noticed some mistakes, or things that just didn t work make sense structure wise For example, in Crocketteer , Sylvia s high school English teacher quotes himself In this poem Hemphill uses an actual quote Note at the end of the poem Mr Crocketttold his class in October 1947 after reading some of Sylvia s poems aloud that she possessed a natural, lyrical gift The poem itself Sylvia possessesa natural lyrical gift She radiates, uranium strong,when exposed to philosophy, literature.It makes sense to quote him in the note because, well, the author didn t say that thing But in a poem written in that person s p.o.v why would he need to be quoted if he s the one speaking I saw a lot of this and, well, it made the poem even less convincing than they already were The whole time I imagined their voices being imitated aloud by the author, Ms Stephanie making her own deeper to read this one, trying to look all serious and cynical like a 50s high school teacher Or what she thinks he sounded like based on her extensive research and such Honestly, I find Hemphill hard to believe Anybody could have done better Okay, not me, not everybody, but SEVERAL PEOPLE COULD HAVE DONE BETTER I can go on and on, describe every eye roll, every agressive page flip, but now enough anger has resurfaced to make me speechless.

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    An interesting and engaging exploration of the life of Sylvia Plath I did not find the Hemphill s verse sparkled as much in this as in some of her other work, but it was readable and interesting A good example is Sylvia , spoken by Assia Wevill, Ted Hughes s mistress for the last part of Ted and Sylvia s marriage She is poetry,that mother of language,and I am a Gypsy,wandering, thieving what I fancy.She is cunninglike an old watchdog,she sees the scenewithout being present.I am experienced.I have thrown my nightgownover than one man s head The best poems in the book are probably the Imagining Sylvia pieces, each of which is taken after a particular one of Plath s own poems, and placed and dated according to the date on which she wrote the poem that Hemphill is using as inspiration The book is well researched, with notes on the sources for each poem at the end of the book, a note of the factual information around each poem immediately following the poem, and a complete bibliography with all of Hemphill s sources, including information on all of Plath s own published work, and suggested further reading for readers who are interested in Sylvia Plath s work and life This is particularly useful given Hemphill s stated purpose for writing Your Own, Sylvia, which is to provide an interesting look at her life and spur interest in the readers of this book to embark upon or revisit Plath s work and work about her While not remarkable, Your Own, Sylvia is an engaging and enjoyable novelization of Plath s life and reveals a deep respect and love for Plath and her work in Stephanie Hemphill and this book.